Zen-Zulu Potter

An international potter widely acclaimed for his exceptional work in the field.
This talented artisan has become a true icon among enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Zen Zulu Potter

Internationally acclaimed - exhibited around the world.

Meet Andrew Walford

Internationally acclaimed potter Andrew Walford has been working in his mountain-top studio overlooking the Shongweni dam and game reserve for 50 years. In 1947……..

Distinctive Style

value the beauty and artistry from within

Aesthetics create functional and artistic objects that are both beautiful and meaningful. Pottery must be visually pleasing to serve its purpose.

From the intricacies of the past to the creativity of the present, pottery brings joy and beauty to the world around us.

Shape is reflective of use, texture and decoration add interest, while color indicates mood and decoration depicts stories.

Crafting a tea bowl through the art of pottery involves the delicate yet dynamic process of clay throwing.

Featured Products

Kyusu - tea pot

Kyushu Tea Pot

Stoneware with Tenmoku glaze

Captured Bird - handbasin

Captured Bird

Handbasin with celadon detail

Fish under the branch wall tile

Fish under The Branch

Finished in white glaze with celadon detail

Blue Moon - tea bowl

Blue Moon

Tea Bowl in white glaze and brood brushstrokes